This medium article shows a distinct lack of research and analysis from the author.

There's some great books on the subject of the effectiveness of non-violent political action as a force for change, and the overall success of non-violent movements at achieving political change (versus violent revolutions, which are less effective in the modern era).

There's a good article from Harvard about this that synthesizes some of this information.

The article is centered around the book "Why Civil Resistance Works" by Dr. Erica Chenoweth and Dr. Maria Stephan.

Their book is an excellent synthesis of this research and a good starting point for anyone interested in this topic. This particular article engages in the American fantasy of the need for violence for political change (i.e., the mythology of the founding fathers) versus the reality of political change in the modern age.

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Fred Chong Rutherford

Fred Chong Rutherford

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