So, the idea is to find people who express hatred online, and then find an angle that makes him feel more comfortable with them?


How is this different than when, say, Richard Spencer is given a platform to express his views, and be ‘humanized’ or when we worry about the heart of the bully, instead of the hearts of the people hurt by the bully?

Why is the ‘problem’ here the humanity of the people who hate other people? What about the people being hated?

When was the last time this guy talked to someone who was hurt by this abuse?

I can’t believe this is real, on some level, even though I know it’s real.

This is all so disingenuous; this is about making friends with bullies. Has the behavior stopped with any of these people? Do they abuse other people?

If you’re avoiding the people who make threats, which is a logical, sensible thing, then what is this saying, really, in the end?

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