Oh wow, thank you! I got faith in the writer/producer Marvel tapped, but I felt like if I didn’t put this into the atmosphere, I’d regret it.

I hear you about Luke Cage, I love a lot about the show (Mike Colter is great, and that Season 1 soundtrack), but it needed a season 3 and a different take on Iron Fist to really sing. I’m nerdy enough that I was hoping for a Josiah X appearance, myself (still would like to see that, and the secret history of the Super Soldier Program).

What you said really resonates to me, because (1) I’m a nerd and (2) I have notes I took down that explain the secret, ancient connection between ‘Iron Fist’, Luke Cage and Tseng Chi. There’s an AMAZING story hiding in plain site with those properties, that I’ll be happy to read someday; to get to write it would be otherwordly, though!

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