I find this post ironic; Citizens United is a 501(c)4 that states as it’s mission the desire to ‘return government to citizen control.’ They created, through their ‘Citizens United Productions’ a documentary about Hillary Clinton called “Hilary: The Movie” during her first historic run for the Presidency in 2008; that documentary amounted to character assassination. The movie itself was in violation of then current campaign finance laws; this led to a historic Supreme Court case “Citizens United v. The Federal Elections Commission” — the end result of which was dismantling of some of our campaign finance laws.

In 2010, Steve Bannon created 2 movies for Citizens United Productions …
* Generation Zero | A ‘documentary’ about the 2007–8 subprime mortgage crisis promoting Bannon’s theory about a ‘fourth turning’ political event
* Fire from the Heartland | A ‘documentary’ promoting Tea Party politics and Tea Party women, including Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and others

All of this was public knowledge at the time, so it’s ironic (to me) that a leader who’s work was founded in sexism against Hillary Clinton didn’t seem to know much about a man who was working for, and with, the very same people who were trying to take her down, who then managed to use their odious work to dismantle our campaign finance laws so many years ago.

I guess it goes to show, it’s important to do a little googling now and again.

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