This screenshot from a video showing subway flooding was from July 8, 2021, almost 2 months before a more catastrophic wave of flooding hit NYC on September 1, 2021. Read more here:

NY State government and NYC government have had 9 years since Hurricane Sandy to prepare New York City for flooding. Last night showed a complete failure of our state and local government to prepare. You can’t stop the rain. But you can build infrastructure to deal with flooding.

Sam Wilson was a hero long before he ever met Steve Rogers and became an Avenger

Photo from Physics World;

borderline racist image
borderline racist image
Considering how and why we started celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the United States, this is a borderline racist image.

I don’t remember where I got this picture from.

  1. How Democratic and Republican Primaries Work
  2. Making A Bad Prediction About the Future Nominee

How Democratic and Republican Primaries Work

I sometimes wonder if U.S. citizens could pass the civics tests naturalized citizens take, given that I don’t know if most U.S. citizens know what naturalized means. |

Caucuses are stupid. From

From The Conversation “Breaking Up Families? America looks like a Dickens Novel.” |

Image from a review of the satire ‘The Forever War’ from

Fred Chong Rutherford

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