This screenshot from a video showing subway flooding was from July 8, 2021, almost 2 months before a more catastrophic wave of flooding hit NYC on September 1, 2021. Read more here:

NY State government and NYC government have had 9 years since Hurricane Sandy to prepare New York City for flooding. Last night showed a complete failure of our state and local government to prepare. You can’t stop the rain. But you can build infrastructure to deal with flooding.

There’s things that NYC Mayor Bill de Blassio could do BEFORE he leaves office, this month, to help get us better prepared for the next storm — and there’s a possibility the next ‘historic’ weather event could be in a few weeks.

Here’s one thing we could do … right…

Sam Wilson was a hero long before he ever met Steve Rogers and became an Avenger

When we watch these Marvel films, we can intuit something about what kind of training someone has had via a few lines of dialogue. …

Photo from Physics World;

This was a tough year. And I won’t lie, it’s going to get tougher.

A few days ago, I read about the situation that’s evolving around the country, for the hospitals. It’s like a worse version of what happened here, in New York City, 10 months ago. There’s so many…

borderline racist image
Considering how and why we started celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the United States, this is a borderline racist image.

Q: What is Cinco de Mayo about?
A: It’s a small holiday in Mexico, commemorating the Batalla de Puebla (5/5/1862). In this battle, 4,000 Mexican soldiers faced 8,000 French soldiers, and won the battle. 462 French soldiers were killed, compared to 83 Mexican soldiers killed.

Q: Okay, why did we…

I don’t remember where I got this picture from.

Since 1980, the Iowa Caucus has correctly predicted the eventual Democratic Nominee every time except once, in 1992.

Of those Democratic Nominee predictions, 3 won the popular the vote (Al Gore, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton). The rest were crushed in electoral landslides (Walter Mondale, Mike Dukakis, John Kerry).


This is not a political article. This is an article about civics. They sometimes sound like the same thing, but they aren’t. The focus here is on two central elements of civics …

  1. How Democratic and Republican Primaries Work
  2. Making A Bad Prediction About the Future Nominee

How Democratic and Republican Primaries Work

I sometimes wonder if U.S. citizens could pass the civics tests naturalized citizens take, given that I don’t know if most U.S. citizens know what naturalized means. |

The person who…

Caucuses are stupid. From

Every year, I see the same kinds of proclamations of what a ‘win’ at the Iowa Caucus means, and they’re always wrong. Like, I’ve seen this since 1980, as a kid.

The Iowa Democratic Caucus results have produced exactly 1 President, Barrack Obama in 2008. …

From The Conversation “Breaking Up Families? America looks like a Dickens Novel.” |

I find my fellow New Yorker Jeanine Cummins very frustrating.

She’s the latest author to join Oprah’s Book Club, for her book “American Dirt.” In the book, she tells a fictional story about the troubles facing a family from Mexico trapped in a life-or-death situation, that has to travel to…

Image from a review of the satire ‘The Forever War’ from

There is no draft right now. If our country declares war against Iran, there still wouldn’t be a draft. To do so would require an act of Congress. …

Fred Chong Rutherford

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